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they who don't say what they mean will live and die by their own sword.

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Name:Bill Fallon
Birthdate:Jan 23
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America

"Do you know, baby, what would get my goat beyond any other thing? […] If the judges, instead of getting up and thundering at me and squawking and pounding the gavel, if, I say, one of them were to yawn while I was speaking, it would ruin me for a whole week. […] I hope I have taken a few years of boredom from the courts."
—Bill Fallon in Gene Fowler’s The Great Mouthpiece

William J. Fallon.

criminal defense attorney.

New York City.

((p.s. arnold rothstein is a mouse))

Interests (30):

acquittals, baseball, being held in contempt, broadway, confounding prosecutors, definitely not bribing anyone, disowning witnesses, drinking, drinking more, fanny brice, fordham university, gene mcgee, gertrude vanderbilt, juries, laughing about mice, my hair, my hair is important, not barbers, outsnarking arnold rothstein, peggy joyce hopkins, shouting in court, shouting often in court, singing whenever wherever, sleeping in court, strangling ernie eidlitz, talking back to judges, tennis, the eagles of justice, the great mustache debate, winning
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